Monday 11th November


Monday 11th November

  November 11, 2019


In the warm up focus on hamstring mobility and 2x 60s each partner assisted pike stretch


Strict ttb:


2 x 10 hollow body lat pull downs



2 x 10 seated like leg lifts, hands as far forward as possible



5-10 strict ttb on your last rep hold in L hang/tuck for 10s


10 snappy snappy v ups/tucks

90-2 min rest

5 sets

*light partner spot for ttb, really resist these kip back, if tight hamstrings soften the knees, scale knees to chest and always control the down as well as up*



60s wrist specific warm up

Long arm plank 20 shoulder taps

2x wall walk and 10 shoulder taps (under controlled don’t just chance it and wiz through, reduce distance into wall for scale)

3 x 10 partner assisted pike hspu (partner hold ankles, the working partner lifts hips to over shoulders so legs are out at 90 degrees. Goal is to keep the hip directly over the shoulders all the way through i.e don’t end up in a plank.  Perform conventional wheel barrow if too heavy)

3 x 30-40s wall walk hold, as close as possible to wall focusing on form, hands narrower than you think and pull those ribs in for dear life!



10-15s chin over the bar hold

10-15s bottom of a ding dip hold/push up hold

20s hollow rocks

60s rest

X4 rounds

(Do the chin over bar and dip weighted if too easy)

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