Monday 14- Sunday 20th


Monday 14- Sunday 20th

  May 14, 2018

Monday 14th:

super set: 

5 strict ring pull ups – false grip if possible 

5 strict ring dips 

5 push ups Russian dips 

90s rest  – 5 sets 

adjust weights accordingly, add weight if needed 



Every 90s:

10s active hang+ 5 strict ttb + 5-10 kipping ttb 

X 6 


accesory: accumulate 10 dragon flag lift and lowers – keep the shape tight!!! 


C. Conditioning 

60 seconds hollow hold 

60s bear crawl 

60s pvc pass through v ups 

x 9 mins 


d. If time 

partner straddle stretch 



a. Kipping pull up/butterfly pull ups drills, 10/12 mins 

then 7 min emom practise of either x amount of reps or a certain drill, or strict work




3x wall walk & 15s hold

3x kick up to wall 15s hold 

3 x in the centre with partner 20s spotted hold 

5 mins practise kick up in the centre and ‘hold’ No walking the hands 

3x 30s box handstand hold (feet on box, hips stacked on shoulders – this should and will be hard) 



10s Active hang both 

10s one arm hang right 

10s one arm hang left 

10s active hang both

(take your time to transition through, really pull Down with the scap, I’d you are active you should be rotate round you should be static) 

rest while

partner works 3 sets 



5 mins max effort strict pull ups 

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