Monday 16th – 22nd April


Monday 16th – 22nd April

  April 15, 2018

Monday 16th:



every 2.30 mins for 15 mins:

10sec chin over the bar hold 

lower under control

+ 3-10 strict pull ups

add weight if possible/ scale to ring rows 

accessory: 3 x 5 per arm, 60s rest, single arm DB row – go heavy as possible where 5th rep is failure



60s hollow body hold 

5 strict hspu + 30s hs hold against wall

scale to box Hspu

60s rest 

x 4

c. conditioning 

12 perfect kip swings with something between feet 

15s basket hold 

15s swimming legs 

60s rest 

5 sets 


d. if time 

3x 15 seated pike leg lifts 

partner shoulder stretch 


Thursday 19th:

a.Handstand work, holds, shapes and endurance 

b. kipping pull ups/ butterfly 

c. conditioning

60s hollow hold 

60s seated DB z press

60s ring rows low as possible 

60s rest x 3




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