Monday 16th Dec


Monday 16th Dec

  December 16, 2019


A. Pausing pull ups

Pull up+ 3s chin over the bar + 3s 90 degree hold + 3s active hang

3-5 reps (add weight if you can)

Super set with:

10 seated pike leg lifts right leg, 10 left leg, 10 together + 10s hold

90s rest

5 sets


B. Upside down:

30s wall walks hold – (go narrower than normal, and really work hard to push tall and pull ribs in.)

60s rest – 3 sets

10 kick ups – in the centre or to wall 10 each leg, few seconds hold each rep

Rest as needed through these,

4 sets of of 30s holds in centre with a spotter, or kick up to wall partner pulls off wall



5 rounds of

20s hollow

20 v ups

15s parralete L sit hold

60s rest

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