Monday 23rd April & Thursday 26th April


Monday 23rd April & Thursday 26th April

  April 22, 2018



spend 5 mins working mu technique 

complex perform 1 complex ever 2 mins for 5 rounds 

1 strict Mu + 5 ring dips + 10s hold bottom of the dip on last rep + controlled negative + 15s lsit hold


  • assisted strict mu, jumping, no bands.
  • scale to kneeling strict mu and then complete the L sit on the rig.


3 x 10s rings to chest hold 

3 x 30s ring support hold 



30s wall walk hold – form over time 

straight into 1 full circle box circle walk / 1 length hs walk (only do handstand walk if you can complete the gym length in 3 attempts max)


6 sets – each round alternate direction you hs walk around the box




10 min amrap for quality

12 pistols – add weight if needed

10-15  – kipping TTB – tight form, straight legs if possible 

60s weighted plank hold 


d. if time 

100 hollow rocks 


Thursday 26th:

a. Ring mu kipping

b. handstand walking 

c. conditioning

1 legless rope climb 

3 bar tuck throughs

6 candle stick rolls to handstands

4 rounds

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