Monday 4th June – Sunday 10th June


Monday 4th June – Sunday 10th June

  June 3, 2018

Monday 4th June

A) 10min warm up Snatch Drills
B) 10min to establish 1RM Snatch for the day


15 Power Snatch, 35/25kg
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20″

Tuesday 5th June

A) Back Squat 15mins to establish a heavy single

B) For time: (14min time cap)
50 Cal assault bike
40 Burpees
30 Toes to Bar
20 DB Squat, 2 x 22.5/15kg

Wednesday 6th June

AMRAP 30mins

800m run
70 Double Unders
60 Box Jump Overs
50 KB swings 24/16kg
40 Pull Ups
30 HSPU (scale to DB 2x press)

Thursday 7th June

TEAM of 2 –
A – AMRAP 15, relay format:
200m run
3 deadlifts
3 hang cleans
3 jerks, 70/50kg

Rest 5:00

B – AMRAP 15, relay format
15 Wallballs 9/6kg
15 DB snatch, 22.5/15kg

Friday 8th June

A) 0-15mins Establish a 1RM Squat Clean
B) 15-25mins Establish a 1RM Jerk (split or push) (from rack)

C) WOD – 5RFT (time cap 16mins)

5 Thrusters, 70/50kg
10 C2B Pull Ups
15 Deadlifts, 70/50kg

Saturday 9th June

TEAMS of 3 or 4
2 RNDS through – 3min rest between each

A) AMRAP 6min
Max calories on Bike as a team
Amrap – split reps – 2 working
25 medball cleans 9/6kg
25 DB push press 22.5/15kg
25 ring rows

Rest 3mins

B) AMRAP 6min
Max calories on Ski as a team
Amrap – split reps – 2 working
25 KB front squats 2x 24/16kg
25 push ups

Sunday 10th June

A) Sumo Deadlift 5×8 – lift every 2mins AHAFA


AMRAP 20mins –
10 Pull-ups
5 DB Deadlifts 35/25kg
8 Push-press 60/42.5kg

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