Monday 9th April – 15th April


Monday 9th April – 15th April

  April 8, 2018

Monday 9th April

A) Below knee hang power snatch EMOM 10 x3 reps AHAFA
B) Snatch Pull to mid thigh 3×5 90-100% of 1RM
C) 10min AMRAP
7 power snatch 42.50/30kg
21 Double unders
Emom = 3 Burpee box jump (not overs)

Tuesday 10th April

A) Front Squat 5×5 with 3sec pause at bottom of each rep
B) Weighted box step downs 3×6 per leg
C)3x 4min AMRAP – 1min rest after each AMRAP, reset after each round

8 Deadlifts 70/50kg
6 Toes to bar
4 Hang power clean 70/50kg
2 Bar muscle ups

Wednesday 11th April

A) 14mins to Find max of – 3x push press + 2x push jerk + 1x split jerk

B) 5 rounds – 2:30 on 2:30 off rounds of
20 wallballs
10 pull-ups
Remaining time = max Clean and Jerk 60/40kg

Thursday 12th April

A) Deadlifts 4×8 AHAFA – touch and go reps
B) AMRAP 5 – Complete 3 rounds of
12 deadlifts 50/35kg
9 hang power clean
6 stoh
Remaining time max pull-ups

Amrap 4 – complete 2 rounds of
12 deadlift 60/40kg
9 hang power clean
6 stoh
Remaining time max toe to bar
REST 4 mins

Amrap 3 – complete 1 round of
12 deadlift 70/50kg
9 hang power clean
6 stoh
Remaining time max HSPU

Friday 13th April

4min on 4min Rest

A) 750/600m Row. Remaining time max burpees
B) 35/25 cal bike. Remaining time max Db Snatch 22.5/15kg
C) 80/60 wallballs. Remaining time max KB Swing 24/16kg
D) 150 Double unders. Remaining time max Ski calories
E) 400m Run. Remaining time max box jump overs 24/20”

Saturday 14th April

A) Back squat 20mins to find 3RM – after each set complete 5 high box jump step downs
B) 30-20-10 – time cap 14mins
Thrusters 42.5/30kg
Sit ups
400m run after each set

Sunday 15th April

HERO WOD – “The Don” in pairs 30min time cap

split reps as you wish 

66 deadlifts 40/30kg
66 box jump
66 kbs 24/16kg
66 knee to elbow
66 sit ups
66 pullups
66 thruster 40/30kg
66 wallballs
66 burpee
66 Double unders 

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