Monday 9th April & Thursday 12th April


Monday 9th April & Thursday 12th April

  April 9, 2018

Monday 9th:


8 mins to find 5 Rm box dip – or hardest dip scale for 5

8 mins to find 5rm strict pull ups or hardest scale 


  1. 5 strict pull ups at body weight
  2. 5 box dips at body weight 


b. handstand complex:

5-10 push ups + wall walk + 10 shoulder taps/hand releases + 20s hold + walk down + 5-10 push ups 

2 min rest 5 sets 


c. conditioning 

15s paralette L sit

15s rest 

30s hollow hold 

30s rest 

60s active hang 

60s rest 



d. if time 

in 5 mins 

accumulate as many strict TTB as possilble – good form over more reps 



Thursday 12th:

a. long arm strength work 

b. strict muscle ups 

c. conditioning 

10 strict TTB

10 kip swings with lat press 

10 kipping TTB 

60s rest 

add reps if needed

x 4 


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