October FBB Sessions

October FBB Sessions

  October 19, 2018






Warmup 12 min. EMOM (45 sec. of work): 

1st: AB legs only (increasing pace), 

2nd: Jumping curtsy squats, 

3rd: Wall rotations; 

Superset A x 3/rest 60 sec.: 

KB Suitcase walking lunges x 2 long lengths (change arm half way); 

60 sec. wall-sit; 

Superset B x 4/rest 2 min.:

Deadlifts; 31×1; 4-6 reps; 

60 sec. banded good-mornings; 

Conditioning C (remainder of time): 

In pairs: A starts on ski, B – carry; (groups of 3: C – reverse plank hold) 

100 m KB Cross-body carry (scale to KB FR carry in case of mobility issues) into 20/16 cal. ski-erg (@ 6/10 RPE); 




Warmup 10 min. grind: 

10 single leg floor touches, 

10 quadruped rotations,


5 broad jumps, 

60 sec. single-unders;



Sally up w/plate or KB, great form, focused on eccentrics, no bouncing.


Set A x 5/rest 2 min. 


Jumping back squat 10-14 reps; 

into 2 lengths of recovery walking lunges;


Set B1 x 5 (per person)/rest 3 minutes: 

Set B2 x 5 (per person):



In pairs: bench hurdle jumps 20 sec. on/20 off. (one person resting, one working); 

Same pattern as above: 

Shuttle sprints 20/20; 

*Try to rest between the sets with KB/SB on your tummy/breathing work.



Conditioning C/8 minutes for

max distance: 


In pairs (change anytime, every change run 100 m together): 

A – OH WB carry; 

B – SB bear hug carry (heavy); 




Banded pigeon, supine twist, child’s pose; 



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