Thursday 14th November


Thursday 14th November

  November 14, 2019


Strict muscle ups:


3 x 10s false grip hangs

3 x 10s rings to chest hold

3 x 10s bottom dip hold

3 x 10s ring support hold


Transition drills


6x 2-3 strict mu

90s rest – for those who find this easy consider adding weight

Scale option:

Spotted reps

Jumping ring mu

Kneeling ring mu

In any version try always to complete the negative



B. Super set

3 Dragon flag lift and lowers (scale one leg bent/light band)


15s paralette L sit hold

90s-2min rest

4-5 rounds time depending



3 strict ttb

4 strict knees to chest

5 single leg v ups – each side

6 v ups

30s  hollow hold

60s rest x 3


D. If time kb Jefferson curl hold 60s for hamstring/spine stretch

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