Thursday 30th gymnastics


Thursday 30th gymnastics

  August 30, 2018

1. Bar muscle up:  warm up drills for all operation no chicken wings please! 

Those with a bar complex:                                    3 ttb+ 3 pull ups + 3 c2b + 3 bar mu               rest as needed – 5 sets, adjust reps as needed

those working towards: 

find a scaling option, light band, assisted, box jump over, strict pull up if strength is issue,   or just do bar mu                                             emom 7 – 1-3 reps

2. Find 3rm deficit kipping hspu (8 mins)   Then 5x 5 at rx standards                                  For those scaling kick up practise/negatives and box  hspu 


3. Conditioning                                                       

20s ring plank hold                                                    Straight into 20s bottom of ring push up hold      Rest 20s                                                                     20s hollow hold                                                    Straight into 20s hollow rocks                             Rest 20s                                                                 20s active hang hold                                     Straight into 20s chin over bar hold                 60s rest repeat x3

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