Thursday 3rd


Thursday 3rd

  May 2, 2018


Kipping ttb 

3×10 v sits warm up – focus on fast snap into position 

kip swing at 

Kip swings with emphasised lat press down 

some ttb practise – focus on the heel drive back into the arch swing to keep cadence 

8 min emom of a rep scheme challenging with with a focus on form. – no double swings don’t go to full range of motion if you can’t keep the swing rhythm 


b. Strict wall facing hspu. 

this should eliminate arching!

accumulate 30 -50 reps focus on  form than bashing them out. 

10min cap

C. Conditioning 

30s ring support hold 

30s ring plank hold 

30s ring push ups 

60s rest 


D. If time 

3x 69s hollow hold 





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