Thursday 5th December


Thursday 5th December

  December 5, 2019

A. Pull up complex

1 pull up

1 chin up

1 mixed grip

1 mixed grip (the other way)

1 pull up

5 second chin over the bar hold

5 second negative

90-2 min rest

6 sets

Weighted if this is ‘easy’



1 negative pull up + 1 negative chin up + 10 ring rows with 2s pause at the top



B. Hs walks

3 x wall walks with 20s hold

20 shoulder taps piked feet in the box

Then hsw drills/practise roughly 10/12 mins

Scaling options:

Box circle walks, side ways walk across wall or drill of choice



60s hollow hold

2 round of:

12 plate oh weighted sit ups

30s active hang

60s hollow hold

2 rounds of:

12 push ups (feet elevated)

30s ring support hold

60s hollow hold

(Though this is written as a wod focus as every is on form and moving with intention)

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