Thursday 7th Nov

Thursday 7th Nov

  November 7, 2019



Kipping skill work:

Kipping drill/technique

Conventional kipping pull ups

Butterfly drills and break down. (for those already performing kipping  pull ups consistently and who have at least 5 strict pull ups)

After 10 mins of drills and practise

6 sets of 5-10 reps of kipping pull ups/c2b/butterfly/butterfly c2b

*those still working towards strict pull ups join In with drills and skill the. 6 sets of either 1 negative pull ups, 1-2 strict pull ups.



Russian dips on the box

6 sets of 3 reps

Scale – tip toes on the floor



10 plate sit ups

20 hollow rocks

30s wall walk hold

60s rest


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